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Starting Out


The aims of the Shropshire Astronomical Society include stimulating general awareness of, and interest in, the science of Astronomy.  This is a good starting point for any one inspired by the night sky.

We can't give advice on buying equipment as everyone has different requirements and as a society we are unable to promote one brand over another.  We can however offer advice on the specification and types of equipment you could consider depending on what you want the equipment for.  We can also offer assistance in setting up your telescope or with any problems you may have with any equipment.  Please feel free to get in touch via the contact page.





Observing Programmes


Making the most of observing sessions is vital to further the knowledge and enjoyment of the amateur astronomer or in fact any person interested in Astronomy.  You will find many sources of help and information when you come along to one of our meetings or events.  We are all amateurs and we are always learning new things.

Society members will be available at meetings and events to help and guide you.




Young Stargazers


Young stargazers are the very future of astronomy and as such are something the Society takes very seriously. Our outreach and observing programmes are designed to accomodate young stargazers.


If we have any youngsters at our meetings we try and make sure we tailor our talks to accomodate them.  We want to encourage youngsters towards an interest in astronomy and STEM subjects.